Our People

The wonderful folk who make it all run smoothly at CBC

  • Abel Ndene
    Abel Ndene

    Abel is also responsible for maintaining the church gardens for which he has a great passion.  He has children!

  • Betty Sehlapelo
    Betty Sehlapelo

    Betty takes great delight in cooking for the students and making sure that the hostel is clean.  She is married with children.

  • Antoinette Terblanche
    Antoinette Terblanche

    Antoinette is the librarian for the seminary.  She keeps accurate and strict control over the books and is always very helpful towards the students.  Antoinette is widowed and has children.

  • Debbie Coetzee
    Debbie Coetzee

    Debbie helps out in the church office.  She is also responsible for running the church website as well as all other social media.

  • Hendrick Phele
    Hendrick Phele

    Hendrick has been working for CBC for a long time.  He is one of the gardeners who maintains them with great pride.  He is married and has children.

  • Johanna Nkoaatse
    Johanna Nkoaatse

    Johanna has been working for CBC for many years.  Her main responsibility is to clean the Sanctuary.  She is married and has children.

  • Lydia Jansen van Vuuren
    Lydia Jansen van Vuuren

    Lydia is the church’s main secretary.  She is always willing to help with a smile.  Lydia was born in Zimbabwe and is married.

  • Phillip Mphekoane
    Phillip Mphekoane

    Phillip Mphekoane CBC’s head ground manager and handyman.  He takes great pride in what he does.

  • Santie Hayes
    Santie Hayes

    Santie is the Secretary for Christ Seminary.  She ensures that the students have everything they need in order for them to be able to give their best while they are here in session.  Santie also serves as one of our deacons at the church.

  • Sarah Ramahlo

    Sarah’s main responsibility is to keep the offices clean.  Her work is always executed with a smile.  She is married with children!

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