A Brief History

In 1961, CBC was started as Pietersburg Baptist Church in the home of Jack and Maysie Cross.

The first years were difficult as the start of any work normally is. During the first 27 years 8 different pastors served the congregation over a period of 18 years in total. During this time the church bought the 7th day Adventist church that was situated at 42 Voortrekker Street. Later a small hall and a few classrooms were added.  This property was sold in 1994 to Suidskool. It was in 1989 that CBC started to evolve more and more into a team ministry as various roll players joined the church on  a full-time basis.

Samaria Mission became a ministry of CBC in 1989 as well. In 1993 we purchased the present property from the town council.

In 1996 we started to build phase 1 of the present facilities and moved onto these premises in March 1997.

It was in the same year that we started Christ Seminary. In January 2004 phase 2 of our building was completed.