Many of you experience pain and suffering in this life.  We struggle with health issues and wonder whether the Bible has any answers.  This first quarter of the year we would like to address some of your questions through the new series “Medical Issues”.  The goal is to help you develop a biblical view of pain and suffering so that you may learn how to minister to yourself and one another.  We shall use some medical experts from our church to address the various topics.    Please do take time to be part of this enlightening series.  We start at 8:15 am.  Address your questions or suggestions to Pastor Andrew Isiaho

21st January: Pain & Suffering – Andrew

28th January: Health Issues – Dr Melville

4th February: Sleep Problems – Dr Ludwig

11th February: Fibromyalgia – Dr Melville

18th February: How to care for the sick – Dr Ludwig

25th February: Life after shock – Dr Okello

4th March: Effects from source to mouth – Prof. Ayisi

11th March; How to care for the elderly – Ian Schnetler

18th March: A Biblical view of illness – Isiaho

25th March: Conclusion – Isiaho

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