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Articles and E-Books

Our Approach to Discipleship adapted from Garrett Higbee’s GPS Tool by Joshua Beakley (DB)
The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by William Burroughs (DB)
(e-Book in .PDF format)
Prof. Johan Malan on the demise of Bruce Wilkinson’s Jabez book in Africa (DB) (Article)
The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts by Ps. David Beakley (DB) (Article)
Religious Affections by Jonathan Edwards (DB) (e-Book in .PDF format)
 Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
– edited by Wayne Grudem and John Piper (e-Book in .PDF format)
Can I Trust My Bible? by Ps. David Beakley (DB) (Article)




Bible Reading Plans

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Read through the Bible in three years
Read through the Bible in two years

Grace Fellowship Booklets

The Bible and Self-Love:
Are Christians Commanded to Love Self? (Joel James)
Biblical Decision-Making:
Is It God’s Will to Find His Will? (Joel James)
The Companionship Principle:
Bringing Biblical Sanity to the Insanity of Dating (Joel James)
Expository Studying:
A Practical Guide to Preparing Expository Sermons (Joel James)
Forgiving Like God Forgives:
God’s Plan for Restoring Peace to Sin-Shattered Relationships (Joel James)
How to Handle Calamity:
A Study In Fear-of-the-Lord Faith from the Book of Job (Joel James)
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