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Our Purpose

Christ Baptist Church exists as a Biblical community to glorify God, by exalting His supremacy in all things, equipping one another for all works of service and evangelising all nations, so that we may present all people complete in Christ.


For your spiritual growth there are growth groups that meet in homes. Then we have two annual conferences, one in the middle of the year and one at the end of November normally with international speakers. One of the highlights of the year is our Family Camp at the foot of the Soutpansberge near  Louis Trichardt. Then there is our counselling ministry which not only exists for the benefit of members and adherents but also for those who are not part of us. Do not forget to make use of the Media Centre as well as the Cd/Mp3 and Tape ministry. All sermon manuscripts can be e-mailed to you as well.

For fellowship there is our time of fellowship around the coffee tables after the morning service. After the evening service we have a coffee bar on the third Sunday of the month. Once a month, normally the last Friday of the month we have a ‘Burger Bash’ where you can buy a burger & coke and have great fellowship around the table. There is also a monthly Golf game that is mostly supported by our men but open to all. And so the list goes on.

For service there are many opportunities available. There is tea and door duty, puppet-ministry, assistance at Burger Bash, student adoption, sound desk, computer management during services and much more. Then there are our ministries to children and young people that are always in need of helpers. The creche is always “crying” for help. There are many ways in which we serve one another as well.