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  1. There will be no corporate gathering at the CBC facility for the forseeable future.  We will abide by the government’s restrictions on reducing the gathering of people.
  2. Look at the CBC Website every day.  There will be devotionals from various people throughout the week as well as our Sunday’s service.
  3. This Sunday we will have worship and preaching on the internet.  Look at the CBC Website, Facebook Page or our You Tube channel for updates, devotions and our Sunday services.
  4. We realize that everyone is now going to experience some financial stress.  Your continued support of the ministry of CBC is a way to demonstrate your trust in the Lord.  Many of you use EFT’s and others normally wait for the offering bag during a Sunday corporate gathering.  If you are one of these, you can try to leave your cash or cheque offering at the church office with Lydia in an envelope, or you can try using the EFT option from your bank.
  5. If some of you would like to give specifically to help those in need, please let us know.  We can easily set up a Deacon’s fund where the Deacons will administer to our members who have various needs.
  6. Stay in the Word!  Our true hope is in God and not government or medicine.
  7. Stay vigilant!  God made us in His image, which means that we  have wisdom.  Wash your hands often.  For now, avoid physical contact and closeness with non-family.
  8. Stay prayerful!  It is easy to lose our spiritual connection.  Praying is a way of demonstrating our faith in the Lord (Luke 18:8).
  9. Use your phones and technology to stay connected to each other.  Home Bible Study groups (what’s app groups) need to “ramp up” their encouragement and communication with each other.
  10. Parents, now is a time to really teach your children about trusting in the Lord and His goodness.
Pastor David

We are delighted that you took time out to visit us. We want to encourage you to browse our website and to come to our services regularly so that you can be exposed to our broader ministry.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” – Jesus Christ

Do You prepare before coming to Church?

Mark 9:35

Sitting down, He called the twelve and said to them, “If anyone wants to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.

We can prepare our hearts before we come to church by praying that God will speak to you through the Service. Furthermore, Church is more than something on our weekly to do list. We go to church to be fed by the Holy Spirit and we also go to church to serve others. For example, greeting the new visitors and making them feel welcome. Encouraging others or even a smile  at someone you do not know. Making an effort to chat with people with whom you do not normally interact with. It is also a great time to have fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Christ Baptist Church

Our name ‘Christ Baptist Church’ tells you something of who we are.

We are under Christ as the only head of the church. CBC does not belong to it’s members or it’s leaders but to Christ who reigns supreme in all things. Our desire is that all those in fellowship with us will reach their fullest potential in Christ alone.

We are ‘Baptist’ in that we voluntarily associate with the wider Baptist family around the world comprising of more than 130 million members in the Baptist World Alliance alone. Our association is based on a common set of principles that we hold dear.

Service Times

Faithbuilders (Adult Sunday School) @ 08:15

Sunday School @ 08:00

Sunday Morning @ 09:30  approximately 11:00

Sunday Evening @ 17:30 until approximately 18:30 with a snack and fellowship after

We would love for you to join us

What we believe

We believe the Bible is God’s written revelation to man.

It is verbally inspired in every word, and absolutely inerrant in the original documents. We affirm the infallibility, and authority of Scripture. Membership classes are held periodically, please let us know if you are interested in joining Christ Baptist Church.

The Creation Debate

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